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Places still available for the September courses.

You may wish to send in a booking for a course which is full in order to be put on the waiting list. Occasionally people do drop out of courses due to unforeseen circumstances, especially the ones later in the year for which we have not yet received all booking deposits.

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Courses for 2014



25th - 27th April Poetry - Ian Duhig
2nd – 4th May  Singing for the Uncertain - Maddy Prior
16th – 18th May Karine Polwart - NOW FULL -
29th - 1st June  Performance - John Spiers and Maddy Prior  - NOW FULL -
6th – 8th June  Poetry - Don Paterson
13 - 14th June  Stepping Stones Festival at Kirklinton Hall
26th – 29th June Vocal Technique - Rose Kemp and Maddy
11th - 13th July  Lots of Songs - Maddy and Nancy Kerr - NOW FULL -
18th - 20th July  Child Ballads - Martin Carthy and Maddy Prior - NOW FULL -
5th - 7th September  Corrina Hewat
12th- 14th September Making Songs - Rick Kemp
19th - 21st September  Pleasure in Singing - Maddy and Rowan Rheingans
Stones Barn weekends are proving increasingly popular. We have some of your favourites and some new tutors. We are extending our poetry weekends to three (one still to be confirmed) in hope of tempting more singers and writers to join us. The poetry workshops will be residential this year, limiting the numbers, but giving a more intimate and focussed experience.

Ian Duhig  -  Residential - £220  Book Now

April 25-27

Great opportunity to write poems, even if you’ve never done it before. Wonderful!

Singing for the Uncertain - Maddy Prior -  £190  Book Now

May 2-4

Singing for the Uncertain is a good introduction to Stones Barn, even if you have been told you can’t sing. Don’t believe them! This is a great opportunity to overturn all those old ideas, and begin to enjoy an involvement in music.

I have gained so much from my visits to Stones Barn; my confidence and my singing technique have improved immensely, and I've met some wonderful people, who I'm sure will be friends for many years to come.

Karine Polwart  -  £190  Book Now - NOW FULL -

May 16-18

Karine Polwart needs little introduction, known as she is for her impeccable song writing and performances. But you may not know what a splendid tutor she is. Come and see.

Performance John Spiers and Maddy  -  £250  Book Now - NOW FULL -

May 29 - June 1

A chance to explore your performance with Bellowhead and Steeleye founders!

Each year we have a four day Performance weekend, where we come together and work for three days to put on a concert at the local hall on the Saturday night. This year we are delighted to welcome John Spiers, melodian player, Bellowhead founder and general all round good fellow, to help us pull the weekend together. Instrumentalists welcome, as well as singers!

Don Paterson -  Residential - £220  Book Now

June 6-8

Poetry with Don Paterson, a regular now to the Barn. Always rewarding

Technique 4 day Maddy & Rose Kemp - £250  Book Now

June 26 - 29

For confident singers wishing to improve.

Maddy's daughter Rose Kemp is studying a degree in Speech and Language Science, and has applied herself to extreme singing for some years. I have embarked on a 3 year Complete Vocal Technique course in Denmark, which is a system for looking at the voice technically, across all genres. We are coming together to teach a course on vocal technique for more experienced singers.

Lots of Songs - Maddy & Nancy Kerr -  £190  Book Now - NOW FULL -

July 11-13

If you just want to sing Lots of Songs and have a fun weekend, with Nancy Kerr  (so popular last year) and myself, this is for you. Oversubscribed last year

Martin Carthy & Maddy -  £190  Book Now - NOW FULL -

July 18-20

Explore Child ballads with life-long exponents.

Martin Carthy and I have worked together over a few decades, and we both have an interest in the Child Ballads. We thought it would be a great idea to have a weekend singing, examining and talking about ballads with interested participants. This will be a fascinating weekend.

Corrina Hewat -  £190  Book Now

Sept 5-7
This weekend will centre on breathing new life into songs and into yourself while delving into the sumptuous world of harmony singing.   Corrina has been leading singing workshops in all shapes and sizes for the last 20 years, in Scotland, Europe and East Coast USA.  Her method is teaching songs aurally, with words to help if the going gets tough, and with music when it’s needed, but the focus is on working with what you have, strengthening it up, trusting it and in the folk around you and learning what is possible when singing.  We’ll go through some helpful techniques to support all this and learn some lovely songs in the process.  Corrina will bring armfuls from around the world, some traditional, some contemporary and some of Corrina’s own.  All that is needed is a voice and a want to sing.  It’ll be a pleasure for Corrina to visit Stones Barn for the first time having heard so much about it from her pal Karine Polwart.  Who says she learnt everything she knows from her?  Wow!  That’s lovely!

Participants quotes:
"Corrina Hewat is that most inspiring of musicians, a true professional who has a deep commitment to, and belief in, all the students who travel with her in her magical musical journey of discovery. Your belief in yourself strengthens - I found parts of my vocal range that I never knew were there! You only need to look at the smiles on everyone's faces to see how much happiness and joy the workshops give. They're a blast with a beat!"

- Gillean McDougall, Announcer/Director, BBC Scotland

Making Songs with Rick Kemp  -  Residential - £220  Book Now

Sept 12-14

Residential with a master at his craft.

Rick Kemp is the charismatic bass player with Steeleye Span, and songwriter extraordinaire. He has joined us for a couple of years now, and is back this year to run a Making Songs weekend. Always fun!

Pleasure in Singing Maddy & Rowan Rheingans - £190  Book Now

Sept 19-21

Pleasure in Singing was so popular last year that we have decided on a return visit with myself and Rowan Rheingans (the tall one of Lady Maisery) joining forces to see the season’s end.


You may wish to send in a booking for a course which is full in order to be put on the waiting list. Occasionally people do drop out of courses due to unforeseen circumstances, especially the ones later in the year for which we have not yet received all booking deposits.

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